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Character Modification guide [Technical]
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Or: How to make DM Ecstatic's life easier and less conflicting.

Hi. Dm Ecstatic here.

I figured with the amount of posts lately over character management that I would give some people a few helpful pointers and stuff. So people can figure out how to do it on their own, and no go "OH MY DM ECSTATIC SAVE ME" all the time. Yeah.

Note: MINOR CHANGES AND BIO UPDATES ONLY! I will NOT be making you into a magma elemental.

Right.. let's get started.

If you wish to:
  • Change your character size to something slimmer/scrawnier/fatter
  • Change your hairstyle
  • Try and go for a darker tone of skin colour - NOT TOO DIFFERENT!
  • Give yourself a different voice-set
  • Modify something or the other that isn't a bio or a Name change

Step 1: Getting the ditto.
Firstly, you need to EXPORT your character into your own local vault. the export character button should be one of the options for when you press Escape ((I may put a screenshot of this later if I can))

Step 2: Location location location

Secondly, find the file itself. My Never winter Nights folder is in my Documents on my computer, but wherever yours is, just make sure you find it and open the file called Local Vault. You should see your character there.

Step 3: Getting the tools.
Thirdly, and this is the tricky bit: Download an Editor.
There are quite a few out there, so let me list the ones I know so far:

Modified GFF editor - Quite plain and simple to use, and VERY basic. It doesn't need allowance from administrator to work either. Cons are that it sometimes takes FOREVER AND A YEAR to find the stuff you need. Be careful though, it saves files as a GFF instead of a Bic (which is the name of the file your characters are)

LETO - Now this is apparnetly fantastic (according to PowerMadSquirrel anyway). He swears by it for all things true and powerful. (It doesn't work properly for me so I don't use it, but it has a VERY nice interface where you can actually see some awesome stuff)

TLK Editor - Yeah.. This... is awesome. Utterly awesome. a LOT cuter than the GFF editor, and everything is in alphabetical order. Would have been my recommended one... except that it needs Authorisaton EVERY DAMN TIME YOU USE IT on my computer, which annoys me to no end. Other than that, it's damn sexy.

Right. Step one and step two done, tricky step 3... and now:

Step 4:

Step 5: Profit!

Step 6: the modifications itself.

Now... For size: there is something called Modscale Value, with X, Y, and Z values. You can change these to radical numbers to see what they do.

For Voices: I believe it is something called Sound-set number.

For looks: it should be Tintable_head, Tintable_hair, and Tintable. Each of these have, like, multiple values though. So be sure you know what you're doing throughout.

Cameo Appreance by Talio:
Here are the values to edit/check for each property.


         1 = Skin color

         2 = Eye color

         3 = Eyebrow color




         1 = Accessory color

         2 = Hair color

         3 = Hair highlight

Appearance_Hair = Hair style

Appearance_Head = Head/Face

SoundSetFile = Voice set

ModelScale = Character scaling

   x = Width(Shoulder to Shoulder)

   y = Thickness(Front to Back)

   z = Height

Important! The scaling is done in smaller increments than whole numbers. The default size is 1 in each catagory. To make a character smaller, you could change all values to 0.85 (for example). To be bigger, you could set the values to 1.65 (for example).

Note for Tints: Every Tint catagory has R, G, B values. These are Red, Green, Blue values. If you want to play around with different RGB values to see what the color will come out as, open up Paint or another picture editing program and choose to create a Custom Color, which should allow you to directly modify the RGB values between 0-255.

Pure black is 0 for all values. Pure white is 255 for all values.

If you want, and to make things easier, make a character with the voice-set/sound-set that you like, export them, then look them up on the editor. Then put those values in your characters. Less trial and error on this one.

Step 7: Backfliping! Time to say hello!
Using the ticket System for the Helpdesk, make a brand new ticket containing the following details:
Your Game Spy log in
Your Character name
The Request you wanted
And the New values you wanted to change.

It is absolutely imperative that you get this last bit right. If not, tickets will just go back and forth and back and forth until my brain implodes.
I will most probabbly end up making a mess of things, for which I am sorry, but I assure you that it will be fixed as soon as you bring it to my attention.

Also, remember, this is to the staff's discretion. If we are late in bringing out your changes, we apologise. But sometimes DM Ecstatic needs a holiday to Ghana to see his awesomesauce mommy.