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DC Custom Crafting [Guide]
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So You Want To Make Things And Stuff:
Crafting And You

By Gothic Rose

The Custom Crafting system DC employs is unique to our persistant world.  It was created by the blood sweat and tears of Admin Chevy and Distorted Shadow (Pause for Applause).  Through the use of our crafting system, a devoted crafter is capable of making some of the most powerful items and gear available in the game. 

Each crafting skill is utilized for different types of crafted items.  However, all crafting follows the same basic principles, which is where this guide will start.

Mundane Items

In order to start crafting, you must first have a Crafting Satchel, and the requisite recipes.  For base items, these will include a Refining Recipe, as well as the Mold recipe.  For example, to make a set of full plate, you would need the Iron Ingot recipe and the Full Plate recipe.  You must acquire the raw materials (Iron, Wood, Fiber, Hides) from either using your gathering skills (Mining, Foraging) or from purchasing them from another player. 

Once you have the raw materials for the base item, you must refine them.  This is the basic form of crafting, and following these steps will guide you through making any form of base item, and even magic item.

  • Look at the description of the recipe you are using.
  • Place the requisite number of material(s) into the crafting satchel.
  • Right-click on the recipe you are using, or use it by dragging it to the quickbar.
  • Target the Crafting Satchel, and use its on-use power on the satchel.

YOu will make an automatic crafting check against the DC mentioned in the recipe.  Success means you get the item.  Failure means you have at the least expended some gold, and at worst, you've lost all the materials.

This is the basic crafting formula.  Once you've refined raw materials into useable ones (Ingots, Planks, Cloth, Leather) you can then follow the same steps on the base item recipe to create the base item.


Making magical items is a little more difficult - not in process but in requirements.  You need to have the Glassworking Feats (I, II, and III) to make varying levels of enchanted items.  Glassworking I lets you make items of +1 and +2 quality, Glassworking II lets you make +3 and +4, and Glassworking III lets you make even more amazing things.  As well as the feats, there are three new skills that are used: Alchemy, Artificing, and Vitrifying. 

The raw materials for making all magical items are glass (crol) and gems.  You use Vitrifying to acquire glass, but you can purchase it from others as well.  You also need gem dust of varying levels, dependant on the enchantment you wish to produce.  Gems come in differing levels, listed on the Create X Gem Dust recipes.  (Fine Gem dust is +1, Bright is +2, Glowing +3.  +4 has not yet been implemented)

Fine Gem Dust
Blood Jasper
Crystaleye Quartz
Pristine Chrysocolla
Regal Apatite
Smokey Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Tiger's Eye

Bright Gem Dust
Naltherian Opal
Nightmare Amber
Tyrassian Beryl
Moss Agate

Glowing Gem Dust
Flame Spinel
Night Spinel
Seatide Spinel
Storm Emerald
Olive Peridot
Eradan Cross

You make gem dust just like any other crafting, by taking a single gem placing it in the satchel and using the correct recipe.  Gem dust of lower tiers can be transmuted into higher using special transmutation recipes.

Once you have the required gem dust and glass, you can make a magicallly imbued glass.  Follow the instructions in the Enchantment Recipe.  You will make an artificing check, and success makes a special piece of glass that can be used on any item which has been crafted and has open sockets.  (Some enchantments ARE limited to certain item types, however.)

And, tada, you have a magic item made all by your lonesome!  Congratulations, Crafter! 
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