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Custom Biographies/Portraits [Guide]
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So you're typing out your new fancy biography in-game and are wondering how to get a fancy portrait. Hopefully this clarifies how to do it so that it's a relatively painless process!

1) First step to using the custom biography system is right clicking on yourself and selecting the new option 'Edit Bio'.

2) It's now just a matter of typing out whatever you want in whatever order you want. The limit on characters is pretty forgiving, and if you type more than the box allows, a scroll bar appears. Then click save. The following steps are only for custom portraits.

3) To install a custom portrait (OPTIONAL), you need to have a 256 width x 512 height TARGA (extension .tga) image ready to go. Since this is the standard size of a NWN1 huge image, finding one on the fly on the vault may be an option.

4) Move your image (in the example above, vaultdemo.tga) file into your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/override folder.

5) Going back in-game (note: you must reset the client before any override folder changes reflect in-game), type out the filename (without the .tga extension) into the box above the portrait window. Your portrait should load quickly.

6) Host, or post a link to your new portrait on the General Forums thread for the custom portrait repository. Unless other people download the image file themselves, your portrait will show up as blank to them.

That's it! Now you're armed with the tools to edit your bio or portrait on the fly. Make sure to update your portrait repository regularly if portraits are something you feel would add to your experience.

(A small sidenote, DM's can now examine people's descriptions with this. Hooray!)
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