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[Technical] Skipping the Master Server


For whatever reason, be it the recent hack or simply an end to community support, the multiplayer server at Bioware no longer functions. You have experienced this. You feel it whenever you log on to play DC.

Proud nerd that I am, I tracked down a short tutorial on how to convince your computer to ignore the silly delay at the beginning. I figured I'd toss it out here for your viewing pleasure.

* Open up the folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\ in any folder view.
* Double click the hosts file (not the one ending in ICS, but the one with no icon).
* You'll get a list of programs. Select Notepad.
* Add the following text at the bottom of the file, beneath everything else, then save it:
* #I am impatient and I want my Dragoncoast!
If you are using Vista/7 and get errors regarding your admin rights, try this.

Instead of trying to find the master server over and over again and finally giving up, my computer now immediately gives up. It still successfully retrieves the world lists from Gamespy. To my knowledge, the master server didn't do anything other than nag me to register, so I don't plan to reverse this change. If you want it to start checking in again, simply follow this to step 4 but delete the text instead.


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