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[Rumor] Rhegians in the Westcroft
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The adventuring populace of Addercliffe were surprised by the sudden arrival of a company of Rhegian soldiers on a large caravel disguised as a merchant ship. Since the initial period of tension surrounding the arrival, the Rhegians have begun to set up camp in a field in the Westcroft under the close eye of the village guardsmen. While the refugees have been appreciative of the food brought by the new arrivals, fears have already begun to fester that the war in the north is coming to Addercliffe.

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Re: [Rumor] Rhegians in the Westcroft
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Militiaman Sebastian Birch is notably friendly with the Rhegian rank and file during their stay, though he leaves their leaders alone.
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Re: [Rumor] Rhegians in the Westcroft
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Allin Quinsen has been seen meeting with refugees, stressing that the Rhegian military is only in Addercliffe temporarily and that none should openly antagonize them. Instead, any whom fear their presence should leave them be for Addercliffe's safety and continued independence.

He also has been stressing that the militia will maintain the safety of Addercliffe, and that should there be an offensive against the town or any refugees the militia would respond without hesitation to protect them.