Author Topic: [Rumor] Rhegian Deserters, Blood Rituals and Badgers?  (Read 556 times)

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[Rumor] Rhegian Deserters, Blood Rituals and Badgers?
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A rumor is heard that a young woman bearing the likeness of (Ginny Blair) was observed gumrunning about being a conscript of Rhegius in front of several witnesses.

The exact details of the conversation was relatively unclear as the woman was observed using the sea water to bathe whist wearing clothing. The details covered bring up a few implications by what she had said:

  • Likely served in the Rhegius Navy
  • Has killed Pyrakre, and (implied) a few Rhegians
  • Is likely Pyrakre herself

Several days earlier, she was observed also performing some kind of blood ritual with a Koro Kita and seen using some vicious-looking dagger to perform it.

The same woman is also reported to be linked to a badger incident just a day ago in which the woman brought a supposed "badger" into the city, which then viciously attacked the brave Militiaman Thomas Wittleby, who was trying to reason will "Darkwind" Bulldore.

Several of these witnesses include: Simo and Milo Aldridge, Elmer Tiggs, and Dallin Barlow to all of these events, were nearby and within earshot to hear it all.
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