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[Rumor] Whispers of newly found spirits
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The kitan shaman Adeyemi Nawvlee has been wandering among the refugees lately, offering his services of healing for the low, low price of a small blood tribute to his ugly leech carving. To those of spiritualist origins and willing to listen, he spreads knowledge that two powerful and benevolent spirits have been found near Addercliffe, and that any spiritualist would be wise to pay them tribute.

These spirits are:

The River that courses through Addercliffe and the wilderness. A great and powerful serpent of water. Benevolent giver of life and nourishment to all that surround it. Necalli is however dissapointed with the people of Addercliffe with their ungratefulness of its great many gifts that they use every day. Necalli asks for appreciation for what it does.  A tribute of flowers is to be thrown down the bridge in to the river every month, but never white flowers, because it does not like them.

Umi is a earthy spirit of Ruin that lives in the ruins north of Addercliffe. It is the natural, inevitable decay that falls upon all things. For some, this ruin is quickened and others are preserved longer, but it inevitably happens to all things. Umi delights in the breaking of things and wishes to be paid tribute in things that are broken, once a month. If the tribute was a personal possession, all the better. Adeyemi explains this spirit as the sponsor of a warrior, or that of a worried parent who wishes that their town or children are preserved from ruin. To Adeyemi, there is no malice behind Umi's domain, nothing to fear except the inevitable.

Adeyemi encourages the Kitans he comes across to uphold ties to the spirits of their home too, however. According to him, he is living proof that the spirits do hear them here, as the Lord of Leeches grants him many, powerful gifts that he is willing to share with the needy. He beckons that those in doubt should seek out Amala Nakato or himself for guidance and matters of healing.

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Re: [Rumor] Whispers of newly found spirits
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With days passing, after speaking well of the spirits mentioned earlier to adventurers and refugee alike, Adeyemi speaks of a encounter he had not too long ago. A being he can only describe as:

The End of the Song

Adeyemi tells that this spirit is a prime example of what they should be afraid of. It dwells in the lair of the Siren on the Isle of the Roses. A skeletal figure with a mouth of shadow and a lute that plays twisted music. According to the shaman's words, the being finds its thrill in the point where music comes to a stop and silence follows. This, Adeyemi says, is a spirit of Death. A cruel one, one that delights in the vile, disgusting and utterly destructive "song" of the Sirens.

The shaman encourages those willing to listen to seek the protection of the spirits worshipped by their grandparents and the new ones found near Addercliffe, for a house without protection only invites those like the End of the Song.