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[Rumor] A Vow Taken
« on: March 11, 2015, 01:26:19 AM »
Rumor spreads that the commander of the Addercliffe Militia, Allin Quinsen, swore a holy oath to the Divine Governor to serve and protect Addercliffe from all dangers and to not seek love, power, wealth or children before this duty. He swore the oath on pain of death.

Orthodox Rhegian Minister Amberlin Ashcroft presided over and conducted the sacred oath at Seaguard Point.
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Re: [Rumor] A Vow Taken
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For some reason, Thomas Wittleby, Second in Command of the infamous Addercliffe Militia seems to be walking around in a jolly mood when patrolling, chuckling to himself as if having heard some sort of cosmic private joke.
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Re: [Rumor] A Vow Taken
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For some reason shortly after the rumor began to spread of the commander taking a Vow... Vinny is heard grumbling about having to do dishes at the tavern until his hands were mushy and 'girly soft'.
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