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Epic Spells
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More on these to come (How to get them, etc.) once people start getting to the levels necessary to cast them.  For now, here's the list of what the spells themselves do so people can plan their builds around them.  These are copied from SoH's Epic Spell list and as such are subject to change before people are able to get ahold of them as well.

Quote from: Malice
-Epic spellcasting is now a single feat that you can take at level 21 or above. It requires that you are able to cast level 9 spells and have a spellcraft of at least 24. This grants you two epic spell slots. Each time you cast an epic spell, one of these slots is spent until you rest.

-There is no limit to the number of epic spells you can research, though it is expensive!

-There may be some extra epic spells that can only be learned during DM events eventually.

-Epic spell research cannot be traded to other characters via scribing. Buying an epic spell scroll for another character won't work either. Purchasing an epic spell scroll represents your character's personal research into the realm of epic spellcasting.

Quote from: Malice

Epic Spell List

Hellball: (Evocation) All creatures in a 40' radius are struck by 10d6 fire damage, 10d6 cold damage, 10d6 electrical damage, and 10d6 acid damage. A reflex save halves damage taken.

Mass Fowl: (Transmuation) All medium-sized or smaller enemies in a 20' radius are transformed permanently into chickens. PCs are only transformed for 20 rounds.

Greater Ruin: (Transmutation) Target takes 35d6 damage and is allowed a fortitude save for half.

Epic Gate: (Conjuration) A balor is summoned to your aid for 20 rounds. After the first is destroyed or the duration is up, a second is summoned. The power of the conjuration is such that protection from evil is not necessary to prevent them from attacking you.

Enslave: (Enchantment) A target failing its will save becomes the permanent thrall of the caster. PCs are effected for a maximum of 20 rounds.

Greater Resistance: (Abjuration) Touched target gains 35 spell resistance for 24 hours.

Superb Dispelling: (Abjuration) Functions as Greater Dispelling, except the bonus to your dispel check is +40 and you take 10d6 backlash damage.

Damnation: (Enchantment) (Cleric only) Target touched is instantly killed. They may make a Will save to avoid the effect, but even if they do they are stunned for 1d6 + 1 rounds. As this is a "teleportation" effect, immunity to death magic does not prevent it.

Revivification: (Conjuration) (Cleric only) All allies within a 40' foot radius of the caster are healed for up to 150 points. Any fallen allies are revived. All undead in the area of effect take up to 150 damage, Fort save for half.

Eldritch Abolition: (Evocation) (Wizard/Sorcerer only) All elementals, summons, and other planar beings in a 30' radius are instantly banished (no save). Enemies remaining in the area take 30d6 damage, Reflex save for half.

Epic Spell Mantle: (Abjuration) (Wizard/Sorcerer only) The caster is immune to all spells level 0-9 for 20 rounds.

Nature's Fury: (Conjuration) (Druid/Spirit Shaman only) After two rounds, the caster creates a tornado at their location which lasts for 20 rounds. All enemies in a 30' radius are struck each round by either lightning or tornadic winds. If struck by lightning, they take 8d6 electrical damage, Reflex save for half. If struck by winds, they take 2d6 bludgeoning damage from debris and are knocked down. A fortitude save prevents knockdown. Only one tornado can be active in an area at a time, and this ability can only be used outdoors.

Crown Of Vermin: (Conjuration) (Druid/Spirit Shaman only) The caster is surrounded by a shield of protective insects. Each round, all enemies within 10' of the caster take 10d10 piercing damage, Reflex save for half. The shield lasts for 20 rounds or until 1000 damage has been dealt.
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