Author Topic: [Rumor] A new businesswoman arrives?  (Read 683 times)

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[Rumor] A new businesswoman arrives?
« on: August 17, 2015, 03:42:55 AM »
A Merchant vessel arrived in the night, bringing with it cargo and apparently a new Business lady who simply announced herself as "Miss Ferengold." Some associates of the Packard company were seen assisting in moving some of the offloaded cargo from the ship.

In a surprising show of compassion, Miss Ferengold and her physician assisted in the matter of the sick Refugees, even providing a few crates of Flour for bread to the hungry Refugees, and has announced that her business will be hiring soon with promising terms that include company provided homes and food for workers.

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Re: [Rumor] A new businesswoman arrives?
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A well-inebriated cyclops is heard to exclaim upon hearing the work of the new blood in the economy of Addercliffe "Bah!  The hatchet-faced shrew!  Heart o' gold, cold and hard just like the shinin' coins she covets so ferociously with hands like angry spiders.  Might as well be a black diamond, or coal, that depthless pool of bile she calls a heart!  Aye, horrible woman, harridan, banshee and worse!  Trust well me word, and keep ye well 'way from that one, for well do I be knowin' how I suffered more than any other here 'neath her cold, reptilian gaze!  Ill luck e'er follows her, trailin' pestilence and malice like some fel creature out o' elder legend, aye... But what be bringin' up the subject of me mother, anyhow?  ...What?  What?"
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