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[Rumor] Outbreak of disease
« on: September 02, 2015, 02:11:06 AM »
After a period of relatively good health under the ministrations of local healers, there has been a surprisingly large and sudden outbreak of disease in Addercliffe, primarily among the refugees, though a number of the local populace has also taken ill.

Many of the Refugees are already blaming a lack of proper care for the previous boatloads of ill newcomers, while some go as far as to claim angry Spirits are to blame.

((OOC: Tentatively planning an event around this on Saturday, the 5th at around 3PM EST, which should come out to be 7pm UTC time I believe?))

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Re: [Rumor] Outbreak of disease
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((It'll be 8 PM on UTC 0. Works fine for me))

The outbreak has had the old paladin Walter Gileston in the grips of worry. He spends much of his time in the refugee camps, trying to aid as best he can to the point of exhaustion. His message to the people has been one of Faith, kindness to one's neighbor and repentance of their past mistakes in the eyes of the Healer.

Apparently the old man has been seen shirtless along the westcroft beach, his back beaten bloody with a short whip that he swung himself while muttering litanies of prayers. The weary looking paladin has commented the act simply as "Penance".

The shaman Adeyemi on the otherhand appears to be far less worried and has been happily offering his business as a potent healer... for a price.

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Re: [Rumor] Outbreak of disease
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((Thinking I'll probably be able to make this one!))

Fergast makes claims of having learned all manner of incredible, miraculous healing tonics and special massages that can greatly improve one's own body's ability to stave off disease.  He makes offers to any women who value their health that they come and see him immediately.  For their own sake.  Of course.
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