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[Rumor] Patronage of Self-Employment
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The old paladin Walter Gileston, now looking quite skinny and tired, has been seen carrying a handful of notices on his usual visits to the refugee camps. After tending to his other duties, he hanged up one of the notices where it might be seen and read it out loud for the benefit of those who cannot read.

I, Walter Gileston offer my patronage to those willing souls who seek to employ themselves, but lack the means to. This may vary from funds to buy a boat and fishing equipment to building a bakery. If the planning is solid and I have the ability to help, I will.

It is my hope that my fellow Dadrians will take this opportunity, for our God teaches us to help ourselves, aswell as others. I will take proposals from people of Kitan, Rhegian or Sari origin aswell, but I hope you understand that I am merely one man and my purse pales in comparison to those of lords and merchant princes.

Now, some rules to clarify the nature of this agreement:
1. Any money offered is not a debt, but charity.
2. Swindlers will quickly find that I do not tolerate their Evil.
3. Businesses under my patronage are responsible for their own success.
4. Business services must be provided to anyone on Addercliffe, regardless of origin or religion.
5. Businesses cannot participate in criminal acts or knowingly benefit criminal factions.

Proposals will best reach me at the inn in the form of letters wherein the plan, the people involved, the equipment and the funds required are penned down.

May the Healer's grace be with us in these trying times.

Walter Gileston
Paladin of the Healer

((If there's a DM answer to this, I don't expect anything in detail that might seem more like homework than RP. Vague and basic is fine with me.))