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Rebuild/Relevel Requests [Ruling]
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Occasionally you might find yourself wanting to alter your character's mechanical build slightly, either to correct a mistake made earlier in the build or to reflect an RP development to your character. The DC staff offers a number of options for players:

Feat Replacements: This involves manually removing one feat and replacing it with another. The prerequisites for a replacement feat must have been met at the level when the original feat was taken. You cannot swap out a low level feat for a high level feat later on. Feats that are a prerequisite for anything also cannot be removed.

Rebuilds/Relevels: A relevel involves lowering a character's level by a certain amount, and then raising it back to where it was. It allows the player to make different choices at those levels. A rebuild involves creating an entirely new character and transferring the equipment and xp from the old character to it. A relevel does not allow you to alter the choices you made at character creation.

It is generally the responsibility of the player to take care when leveling up, such that they don't make mistakes. Nevertheless, the DC staff allows a limited number of character alteration requests, governed as follows:
  • Character alteration requests are limited to one per character per month.
  • Major changes to a character’s build must be presented to and approved by a DM. In most cases, an RP justification will be required. This is not a simple paragraph of explanation, but rather an ongoing and consistently demonstrated process of change to the character. This change does not necessarily have to be of your character’s own choosing, but can reflect the environment and circumstances beyond their control. Be reasonable. We're not going to turn a fighter into a wizard.
    • DMs may grant exceptions to this in the event of major mechanical changes to a particular class on a case by case basis.
    • DMs may grant exceptions to this for RP circumstances beyond the player’s control on a case by case basis.
  • Characters under level 10 require less justification. We understand that it sometimes takes a few levels to figure out a character and what build best reflects it.
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