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[Rumor] Claws of beasts
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:27:32 PM »
A group of adventurers had an eventful day recently as they embarked on a journey to find a distraught refugee's missing husband. The wife, Delly, had not seen the man for a fortnight and had grown quite concerned.

The group passed through Packard town, where they came upon the bloody sight of what appeared to be an animal attack. A local worker was torn to shreds by long claws and was missing an arm.

Following tracks left on the scene, the group journeyed through jungle, lumber camps and apparently even the hive of giant bugs that stood on two feet, spat acid and ate trees.

Eventually they'd found their mark however, wounded and clutching his head. It was no monster, nor a beast, but a man covered in strange tattoos. And only after returning with the man limp on their shoulder found out that this was infact the husband of Delly, Reynold.

Reynold currently resides in Barlow's jail in Addercliffe in the hopes that if such monstrousity surfaces in him again, the jail will hold him.

The paladin Walter Gileston, part of the group, voiced his view that a man under the influence of magic or a demon spirit cannot be held responsible for crimes committed beyond his free will. And that he will personally do everything he can to find out the truth of what happened and to set the man free of such influence, if possible.
The old man also seems to be concerned for Reynold's wife, who understandably appears to have mixed feelings for the man who promised to find his husband and then locked him away.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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The man locked away in Barlow's jail remains there for the time being despite being visited by servants of the Salvationist deity. Apparently only bits and peaces were found out about the man's condition, but the tattoos were found out to be unnatural and present as much below the surface as above it. The man, Reynold, seems to remember very little of the past two weeks and remains quite weak and sickly.

Although the strange marks remain a great mystery, it was gleaned from the interrogation that what happened to the man must have happened in the jungle of the mainland and that the terror that brought this affliction may be closer to home than it would first appear.

Since then, the old man Walt has been spotted carrying fresh clothes, food and comforts such as a blanket, pillow and a book to the man's cell.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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Tragedy struck the isle of Addercliffe as the monster overcame the captive Reynold and he escaped his cell in Barlow's jail by bending the iron bars with its bare hands. A group of adventurers went off to track down the creature once Barlow and Father Piper managed to alarm everyone using the church's bell.

The guardsman Eldridge was badly cut by the creature's long claws, but fortunately survived his injuries in Father Piper's care. The adventurers had also come upon upon a terrified elven couple in the woods, one of which had been gravely injured. Despite their best efforts, her life was lost. The creature had apparently also ruthlessly butchered a number of wolves on its path, yet strangely a pack of deer in the same general direction did not share the same fate. Nothing appeared to have been eaten.

The beast was tracked across the lowland forest where it had most likely boarded a fishing boat and made its escape to the mainland. Witnesses have said the creature to appear to be panther-esque in appearance, yet the tracks showed that it can move on two feet aswell as on all fours. The creature apparently moves with incredible speed and was capable of leaping across the river.

As if the news wasn't bad enough, priests have had difficulty treating the wounds caused by the creature with divine healing. While resilient to magical healing however, mundane methods appear to aid, limited as they may be.

The adventurers now plot the search and capture of the creature in the mainland and the fate of Reynold appears grim.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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With Tanya's preparations, the adventurers managed their way in to the jungle and did infact come across native scouts. Parting with sizeable material gifts, the group's interaction with the natives appeared peaceful and respectful in tone. Discussion was made possible through a translator of Sari origin, who's attitude and blatant racism appeared to upset the adventurers.

The interaction would be limited to those with the scouts however, since the natives appeared to be dealing with some sort of a disturbance in the spirit realm and their home would remain closed to outsiders. And while questions about Reynold's condition yielded little fruit, the scout did point them towards a clue in their journey regardless, a shaman living at the foot of a "spine", which they surmised to be the mountain.

The group's next journey now lies in making their way to the dangers of the mountain and finding the shaman, but they will be doing so without the help of the translator Sidhar due to a rather heated argument that started as the Sari began to part ways from the adventurers in Packard town. The Sari had gravely insulted the adventurers, calling them "Uncultured swine" and the old paladin Gileston appeared to find it a matter of Honor to demand the man to take back his insult or face him in a duel. The Sari attempted to threaten his way out of the situation using his mercantile connections and refused to apologise, but it did not appear to work on the old man, who quite adamantly refused to give up his stance aswell. The situation did not come to violence, however, since the Sari man walked away from the unresolved argument and was called a Craven by Gileston in response.

Needless to say, the old man's strict adherence to his values has thrown a stick in to the group's wagon wheels, much to the frustration of miss Tanya.

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A large party of adventurers set out in to the mainland to seek out the shaman that would have answers to their problem. The journey was treacherous and they had to cross the swamplands on foot as the trusty old hermit Silverton was nowhere to be seen.

Through difficulty they eventually did find the shaman however and were tasked to aid the lizardman, a favor for a favor. The adventurers marched deep in to a forest of giant mushrooms, with spores so thick that they obscured vision... and mind. Despite cleverly protecting their faces with cloth, the group found themselves delirious and sickened after a while and almost lost the group's ranger's companion to the toxic spores.

Returning to the shaman with the bounty they were sent after, the group took part in the shaman's powerful ritual of divination through fire. Dizzying visions rushed through their minds, flying through places both unknown and familiar.

As the group's mages were the only ones capable of discusssing in the shaman's tongue, the rest learned the fruit of their labor from the mouth of the mage Bram, who was quite disturbed by what he had learned.

The cursed refugee Reynold houses an ancient spirit that was long ago locked below the isle of Addercliffe and was only recently freed during the riot at the Mansion. The details of just how the spirit ended up in Reynold are fuzzy, but the implications are grave. This abominable being is born of the crime of Binding spirits unto a living subject and enslaving them under one's will, an act that brought immortality to the vile practitioner and earned the natives' punishment of imprisonment.

In their visions, the Adventurers saw clues of three places where to proceed, as this abomination that lives within poor Reynold could be found within any of them.

The Treacherous Isle of Roses, where the sirens make their home.

The Bizarre and Deadly depths of Exile's Watch, where spiritual corruption runs deep.

And a Fortress of red cloaked soldiers of the Rhostmarch, somewhere on the coast of the mainland.

Be it as it may, it appears that the magic that has befallen Reynold is older than what the natives recall..  and that eventually a journey in to the dangers below Addercliffe may become necessary to restore the poor soul as his maker intended.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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The old paladin has been a common sight at the docks and in the bar recently, interrupting the work and drinking of sailors with the well mannered dignity of a gentleman, which tends to stick out among said crowds.

He has been asking about the location and leadership of a Rhegian outpost somewhere along the coast of the mainland jungle, claiming that he has urgent news to whomever holds watch in said fort. Why a Pyrakrean, Dadrian knight would want to get in contact with Rhegians military, and so openly, is a strange thing indeed.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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Though seldom seen within the Hearth Fire Inn, the former Rhegian soldier Karsten Rothstein appears to have overheard talk of Walter's activities whilst indulging in a pinch of snuff powder and some spiced dark rum one evening.

Whilst this would not be typically noteworthy, given the man's courtly manner and the styling of his weaponry - in addition to his new apparent interest in the paladin have lead a few in the tavern to briefly speculate on Karsten's connections to the Rhegian military.

Rothstein doesn't appear to have lingered in the tavern very long following the mention of the old paladin's urgent plea.
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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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Moranpur Dangerous

News spreads quickly to the adventuring slice of Addercliffe about terrible misadventures that went on in Moranpur. It seems that things had started to go south from the start when the ship asking for a protection detail turned to be stopping in Addercliffe only by Rhegian commission and whilst on board the group of adventurers learned that they would be meeting an agent of Rhegius at Moranpur's docks.

After some shopping at the market in Moranpur and meeting a helpful Sari arcanist  that acompanied them, the group managed to find the location of the Rhegian spy in a local inn, informing him of the grave dangers of the newly risen Abomination of the jungle that is housed within the refugee Reynold. While they got much less hostility from the Rhegians than anticipated, it seemed that the city guard was coming for the Rhegian spy for some reason or another. The details on this seem to be fuzzy, seeing as most of the group didn't speak the local language.

The spy had attempted to hide the adventurers in his room, but as the guardsmen's violence fell upon the man, the old paladin Walt had apparently charged through the door to meet the overwhelming numbers wielding only a chair and smiting fists. The rest of the group soon joined the brawling with the guards, who cracked their electrified stunning clubs with brutal force.

After what was an entirely messy, but non-lethal fight, the adventurers managed to flee in to the sewers beneath Moranpur to make their escape, the wounded spy on their shoulders. Navigating the sewers had apparently been a thorough nightmare and they'd opened some rather questionable doors in their search to reach the docks, one of which had lead straight in to some sort of a military barracks.

Eventually they did find their way to the docks, although they would find another showing of injustice as they surfaced. A kitan merchant of chickens was being tortured by a guardsman's stun baton and while the rest of the group intended to leave to the safety of their nearby ship, the old paladin refused to leave the kitan to his fate.

Unarmored and unarmed, the paladin's stalwart charge at the oppressor was quickly ended by the crack of the guard's baton, which struck hard enough to break the old man's bones. Defeated and at the mercy of his cruel combatant, the paladin was only saved by the Kitan man he sought to help. The kitan slit the guard's throat..  and they escaped for the ship with crates of the kitan's chickens in their arms together. The Captain of the ship they arrived in, a shrewd older gentleman, had the kindness to hide the adventurers and smuggle them out of Moranpur.

Though their mission was an utter failure in many a regard, there is comfort in that the spy is alive and being treated in Addercliffe, bearing the knowledge of coming Doom that might save lives. Trudy Endicott was also overjoyed to receive a gift of fowl from the adventurers in their arrival, which will be housed at the Endicott's farm. The people of Addercliffe will be enjoying plenty more eggs for the foreseeable future.

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Upon their return to Addercliffe, the Rhegian, Karsten Rothstein was seen to have carried the barely conscious agent from the ship and into the apothecary's shop. Word spreads that he is believed to have paid the shopkeeper a considerable amount of dhaun to nurse him back to health with her medicines.

He is later seen visiting the shop occasionally to check on the other man's condition and assist Florence in the interim.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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A particular strider has been seen speaking to the old Paladin. A line would be heard, "If you need me, I'll be here."
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It seems the matter with the Rhegians finally got some manner of closure as the man was safely transported off the isle of Addercliffe. The ordeal didn't come without it's own hassle however, as when a group of adventurers went to check on the condition of the man in the Apothecary's care, they found out that he had been kidnapped by suspicious men in the dead of the night.

The adventurers followed the breadcrumbs to the governor's manor where the Packard company keeps its headquarters and managed to talk their way inside, mainly through accusations and insistence. The air of aggression continued inside, where the group was met with a wall of distractions and sweet-talk until they finally were allowed to see the Rhegian, whom the Packard company had been debriefing.

Distrusting the Packard company, the adventurers escorted the Rhegian to the docks where he boarded a ship without further trouble.

But the day's work was not finished for the adventurers.

They set out in to the darkness below Addercliffe to scout these ruins the Natives had told them about. With only a lantern to pierce the utter darkness of the place, they witnessed sights of inspired architecture and dreadful uncertainty in the face of the unknown they were delving in to. Eventually, they found their way to what they believed to be the ancient Prison of the Demon they seek... and found it empty, its door ajar.

Armed with bits and pieces of rediscovered ancient knowledge and Obsidian spearheads from the ancient prison, the adventurers ascended back to the village.

And hopefully it would all count for something, for now they would have to brave the Isle of the Roses.

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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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The adventurers have returned with the remains of Reynold.

The journey to the Isle of Roses was met with disaster. The group set forth with a dwarf named Holgun, who was brutally torn apart after splitting with the group in search for treasure. The dwarf was apparently informed of the horrors of the place, but chose to venture out on their own anyway.

Using the ranger Guinevere's skills as a tracker, they followed bloodied tracks that lead them to a site of battle where Reynold's spirit was holding watch. The soul, parted from its body, gave the paladin Walter Gileston visions of where its remains lied. And the party went forth to search for them. It became evident that the Abomination had discarded Reynold as its host and held him hostage no longer, though Reynold was still without peace.

The adventurers were faced with many terrors on their way in the Siren's lair, smashing and spellcasting their way through each obstacle thrown at them. They found their way however and eventually Reynold's body was recovered.

As the party set forth to bring Reynold's soul peace, tragedy struck as the cursed sword of Devlan consumed the poor man's soul before the group's very eyes. In a fit of grief and rage, Walter jumped Devlan and took him to a savage brawl. The fighting was only ended as a spell struck Devlan, turning him in to stone as his cursed blade pierced the ranger Guinevere's stomach.

All hell had broken loose as the group was split in to infighting, healing the wounded Guinevere and others would try to warn the rest of the Abomination's presence. The creature had spoken something in the Natives' tongue, which did not reach most ears.

To make matters worse, Guinevere had suffered severe internal damage and was left in a deathly state despite the healing efforts. After some arguing about how to get Guinevere the help she sorely required, Devlan took Guinevere and a mage in red by the name of Gwendyd, dissapearing in to the ether by the might of his cursed sword.

Left with naught but the bones of a man who's already tortured soul was stolen, the rest of the group made their way to Addercliffe, bringing the remains to the church.

The events have affected Walter in the gravest of ways. He appears to be miserable and spends his time drinking at the tavern. Those who have talked to him have not been able to get through to him or rekindle his spark, so complete has been his failure and the depth of his hopelessness. He appears old and weak now, without iron will or courage. And those who pass by his inn room's door have heard the cries of his restless sleep. There are murmurs that this is the way he was when he lost his sons in the war and it is difficult to say whether the broken paladin will recover.

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Believed by some to be connected to the same masters of the Rhegian agent who was recently on Addercliffe, Karsten Rothstein was rumoured not to have numbered amongst Sir. Gileston's recent gathering of adventurers.

Few mention that the supposed soldier has been seen coordinating with other northern looking types around the harbour, many of them dressed in the fashion of scouts and messengers. The man is said to have an impatient look about him, suggesting he was waiting on some manner of news.

Following the aftermath of the ill-fated mission to the Isle of Roses, Rothstein is seen occasionally paying attention to Walter from afar in the tavern and even taking the occasional tray of food to the old knight's door to check in on him. Whether this speaks of true concern or professional interest is the subject of the odd discussion around the Hearth Fire tavern.
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Re: [Rumor] Claws of beasts
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It was just another peaceful evening in Addercliffe when the adventurers gathered in the Hearthfire inn to drink and discuss. Walter had been reading some poetry to his friends as the Sari known as Devlan stepped in, causing a sudden silence in the inn. Accusations and threats ensued and the old man appeared incapable of rising to his own defense, while the younger adventurers shared sharp words over the recent events. Notably, Devlan claimed that Reynold's soul had crossed over by the efforts of his companions.

The adventurers finally decided that the bright young arcanist Sera should have a look at the cursed blade that took Reynold's soul in the privacy of an inn room and many followed. Anger slowly replacing the sorrow in his heart, the old paladin found it in himself to don his armor and join the others. Another spat of words ensued however and the adventurers were quickly told to take their rather inevitable looking fighting outside.

Soon after a terrible thunder quaked the air above Addercliffe, but as the adventurers went outside to see the possible coming storm, the skies were cloudless and without nature's fury. Then, to a greater surprise, a bright beacon of light blazed up in to the heavens from the forest north of the town. The brave men and women marched forth to investigate, their paths soon splitting as Devlan and the ranger Padrin went their own way to adventures unknown.

The old paladin, the Rhegian officer Karsten Rothstein and Sera were met with a terrible sight as the forest seemed to have come alive. Madness from the Exile's Watch seemed to have spilled in to Addercliffe as they were met with the swinging branches of monstrous walking trees and the ambushes of spirit wolves and more bizarre horrors. Valiantly, they fought their way through the nightmare to its core and as they neared the broken pillars at its center, the brave three found a helmet of strange design, the spirits slowly dissapearing whence they came.

Returning to the village, the companions met a strange armored foreigner that had neither the time or patience for the adventurers and marched past them, dissapearing in a thunderous sound at the docks. Rothstein recognized the ship as one of the Miralai, the most dreaded enforcers of the Sari houses.

The purpose of the Miralai on the isle remains a mystery however, seeing as they were not interested in the adventurers that had caused a ruckus in Moranpur some time ago. But everyone knows that the Miralai are not sent without reason... the implications of which are Dire.

The monstrousities from Exile's Watch seemed no coincidence either in the grand scheme of things. A reminder that the adventurers have yet to search its depths for clues of the Abomination's work, and a harsh lesson in that they cannot afford to sit idle as the fight is now being brought to them.

And just what is this bizarre helmet that they found?

The stakes of the game have been raised.


Later, once it was all over, the old paladin and Devlan agreed to a duel.  Over the course of this dreadful evening, the old man had met his own demons aswell as those of Exile's watch, now standing tall with renewed purpose and zeal. Devlan's cursed twohander met with Walter's brilliantly shining hammer in the moonlit sands of the shore. At first the younger man's illusions and speed seemed to outmatch the slow older man and he was left battling mirror images while Devlan swiftly maneuvered against him with terrifying swings. Once the Paladin's hammer found impact in to the true Devlan however, the blessed weapon appeared to strike the magic as much the man, destroying his spells.

The fight ended with Walt as the victor, though just barely, as he was just as much beaten and battered by the time Devlan went down in a brilliant flash of light.

After trading some sharp words, the two men parted ways peacefully, though with their hostilities alive and well.

Since then however, Walt appears much like his own stalwart self.

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The adventurers set out to explore the depths of Exile's Watch for clues of the Abomination. The town guardsman Eldridge joined the group due to a legal dispute between Devlan and Walter, for which some rather nasty accusations were traded in the middle of Addercliffe. The journey was almost brought to a grinding halt due to the bickering, but the group was eventually able to set forth to the isle of Exile's Watch.

The journey through Exile's Watch was every bit as treacherous as one could imagine. But in its lush forests, there was no chirping of birds, only silence. And amongst its garden of skeletal guardians, the dead were more disturbed than ever. The adventurers fought tooth and nail just to hold on to their lives.

This maddening place's seat of power is where the adventurers found what they were looking for. They stepped through a strange anomaly by the tree, finding themselves in the realm within it. There they were faced with the tragedy of Reynold repeating itself. A refugee woman stood over the peaceful, rightful owner of Exile's watch, her mouth and hands covered in blood. They could hear the Abomination's voice as it gave the woman her final command... and despite the old paladin's insistance to not to harm the refugee, the group soon found that diplomacy was not an option.

The woman changed grotesquely in front of their eyes, taking the form of something between a human and a beast, and lept upon the armored Walter with claws swinging wildly. After a gruesome battle, creature reverted back to its original form.. the Abomination had claimed yet another life. A kind of smoke erupted from her mouth as she fell and soon the party were faced with another Evil, a twisted melding of man and bull that charged in to a fight against them. In the end, Devlan plunged his cursed sword in to the creature and the blade hummed with dark energies as the mists that gave it flesh dissipitated.

The injured Spirit of Seasons dissapeared in what appeared to be sleep and the group was left with no way ouf her strange realm within the tree. Exhausting their other options to failure, such as using strange magical rocks found within the cavern and the old paladin's idea of staring at a wall long enough to bore a hole, the party had no other option but to trust in Devlan's cursed sword to take them out, the corpse of the refugee in tow.

A strange white blizzard met them on the other side, seemingly dwarven figures and houses destroyed and ablaze..  And the group wandered through the snowstorm, not knowing what they would face next...

Untill they found themselves in Addercliffe. They learned soon from Eldridge, who had returned back on his own, that a month had passed and the group had been presumed to be dead. After bringing the group up to speed on the recent happenings in town, Eldridge took the broken body of the refugee from their arms and went off on his ways.

Their minds reeling from the exhausting journey, the group finally got some well deserved rest.

Their efforts were not for naught however.. For they had heard where the Abomination intended to meet its minion. This "Huaxitatl", whatever it is, was now their best lead of finding the Abomination once more and to bring it to justice.