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Having not accompanied the group on the expedition to Exile's Watch it would be noted that toward the end of their month long absence, Lieutenant Rothstein has been seen to be conducting some manner of concerted personal investigation into the adventurers' disappearance.

Mason Sotton lets it slip in the tavern that Karsten had been making multiple ship journeys to the outlying islands and known territories frequented by adventuring types in an attempt to find them. The Rhegian is said to have been mostly alone but occasionally accompanied by hired assistance in the form of mercenaries & trackers. Further gossip regarding the soldier's motivations can be attributed to these very men and women who mention Karsten during their own idle discussions in the tavern.

Perhaps lacking the skill, boldness and experience of his typical companions, such opportunists and individuals are heard to have turned down several insistent proposals from the soldier to venture into Exile's Watch to search for the missing adventurers - even the rookies and green types new to the island seeking to make their fortune are mentioned as having been dissuaded from helping him - numbering among those unwilling to aid a member of the the Rhegian army for various reasons both petty and political.

Exile's Watch's reputation as a deathtrap is only strengthened given claims that Rothstein seemingly didn't wish to brave the place alone in his investigations. This follows earlier talk of the Rhegian tackling powerful 'demons' that assailed the woodlands with Sir. Gileston and the mage, Sera the month prior, as well as general mention of the officer's pragmatic nature.
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Sitting down for a stein of ale, the old paladin hears of Rothstein's attempts of mustering an investigation and rescue and he openly commends the man for his efforts, admitting too that he himself has no idea how it could have taken such a long time for them to arrive back to Addercliffe, for him it was only yesterday... even if they crossed through a foreign world.

He also cautions those willing to listen to his ramblings that Addercliffe is facing a new day with the completion of the Seaguard Institute. And that with that new day, new challenges will arise. The old man speaks with conviction that responsebility must be expected of those who deal with the otherworldly and the arcane so that the Faulmarch's cruel history with the abuse of power does not repeat itself. For this newfound bastion of knowledge to befall in to the recklessness and cruelty many times witnessed upon the isles would surely be a crime unto mankind itself, denying Addercliffe a brighter tomorrow that it could very well achieve with ethical and level-headed practice.

For if there are powers out there in the jungle that can twist time itself and grasp dominance of the bodies souls of honest men and women to dark purposes.. then they must work twice as hard to keep their integrity in the face of this Evil.

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Their efforts were not for naught however.. For they had heard where the Abomination intended to meet its minion. This "Huaxitatl", whatever it is, was now their best lead of finding the Abomination once more and to bring it to justice.

Walter spreads word that that they will be requiring the aid of a translator once more as they intend to reach out to the Natives to speak of the matters involving the demonic spirit and the threats surrounding it. The old paladin feels that they still have a good relationship with the natives, despite the mishaps of previous translators and he does not expect trouble.

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The mainland is shaken by terrible thunder and destruction.

When the adventurers left the port of Addercliffe for Packard town, they had no idea what they were getting themselves in to. Along the way they spotted a vessel that moved much too fast for an ordinary ship. They recognized it as a Miralai ship.

The air was filled with dread as they marched on further in to the jungle. Thunder filled the skies as a nightmarish sight awaited the adventurers by the river crossing. A swarm of enraged spirits of earth and fire and of other domains were spat forth from the jungle, charging at the advancing adventurers. Fighting through the chaos, the adventurers found their way to the circle of stones itself where they were met with the sight of a miralai and her guards.

Exchanging words, the adventurers quickly learned that the Miralai were in pursuit of the Abomination and that it was him that was behind the utter chaos that surrounded them. The Prisoner from below Addercliffe had torn a rift between the worlds as it fled the Miralai. And the hole would have to be closed to prevent a greater disaster.

The adventurers fought valiantly in defense of the Miralai's rituals as the "demons" lumbered forth from every direction. Spellfire and cries of battle filled the night in their desperate conflict. But eventually it was done.. as a blinding light spun forth from the miralai, violently shaking everyone present and ending the madness.

As peace was brought in to the mainland night, the adventurers shared words with the Miralai. It seems that the Sari enforcers are tasked by their patron spirits to destroy the Abomination and now make an unlikely ally for the brave adventurers of Addercliffe in their efforts.  The Miralai informed them that the obsidian spears from the prison of the Abomination, that had kept it locked up for so long, can be fashioned from weapons of Binding to weapons of destruction.

The adventurers were tasked with the crafting of this weapon, as the Miralai would expect them to be in contact within the next two weeks. To fail in this task would earn their dissapointment, which implies grave things.
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Once things had settled down and the Miralai left with the sound of thunder, the adventurers set out to their original task, to meet with the Natives. Their search was met with mostly silence however, as the Natives were in the middle of a ritual that couldn't be interrupted. A Native scout, that saw them only briefly, informed them to return in five days. It's quite likely however that the adventurers managed to upset the natives, as some lightning broke out of their mages' hands in frustration. Regardless, the adventurers left in peace, which is more can be said of some other, more arrow filled encounters that mankind has had with the natives.

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A small group of adventurers have returned with new information, having seen the city where the lizard-like natives live in the current age.

Although tensions seem to be rather high, natives held their end of the promise that they would see the adventurers. Arriving to the meeting place, they were met with a native scout that led them through the jungle, blindfolded. With the confusing routes they had taken, there was no telling where the city is actually located, but it was underground, much like that beneath Addercliffe.

Passing through apparently rather impressive defenses and intense warriors, the adventurers were lead to an elderly dark scaled shaman, who's senses had decayed with age, but his sharp wit had not and to everyone's surprise, the elder spoke common.

The shaman sharply rebuked mankind's interfering with the graves of the native people and pointed out that the Natives consider the people of Addercliffe responsible for letting the Prisoner free. It is for that reason that mankind must also be the ones to bring the Prisoner to justice.

When the adventurers had expressed the intent to destroy the Prisoner once and for all, the shaman's told them that it would be a mistake. To understand why that was, the adventurers were asked to sit down for a lesson in history. Much of the story they already knew, but many things were clarified upon.. and the apparently quite vivid storytelling brought light upon just why the natives felt as they do and the forgotten magics involved.

To put things shortly, the natives had the means and opportunity to destroy the Prisoner, but hadn't due to the ancient sentence set as his punishment by the great chieftain Eochilatlach. For his crimes against the native people, for bringing plague and famine unto their lands through upsetting the spiritworld with his lust for power and immortality, the chieftain had cursed the Prisoner to suffer in his prison for so long as life walked the surface world. And to destroy the Prisoner would go against the decree of their honored chieftain and spit on the dead of the native people. For them it would be a grave injustice, possibly never forgotten.

Instead, the natives wish for the people of Addercliffe to help them seal the Prisoner once again. And it was promised that the natives would prepare the prison to hold the Abomination once more if the adventurers would capture him. To this end they were given weapons of a magical sort. A mixture called Hualiaxl that was to be mixed with the red flowers from the Isle of Roses and oil to coat their weapons when facing Prisoner, to bring about a deep sleep. And an unnamed, rarer gift that when burned would seal the veil between the worlds and thus stop the Prisoner from escaping... a side effect of that being that magic could not be called upon.

A map was also crafted of the location of Huaxitatl, the possible new lair of the Prisoner. An abandoned isle where the earth spews fire.

The old paladin Gileston promised the shaman that the Natives' wishes would be respectfully considered, but informed him that they have a clashing agreement with the Miralai. Thought would have to be given to the matter.

Upon returning to Addercliffe, Walter began to inform the key figures of Addercliffe that a meeting would have to take place, and quickly, so that the community could decide their direction, for this decision could have a grave impact on their little town.

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The meeting was held, with the community coming to the conclusion that the Demon must be destroyed. Although the meeting was surprisingly small, there was a lot of arguing amongst those present over the finer points of the matter and many voices were worried about the continued trade with the Sari.

Soon after, adventurers left to bring the spear they had been crafting to the Miralai, journeying to the very place that all who travel to Moranpur dread the most: The Blood Purity Commission. There, the miralai they had been in contact with conducted a powerful ritual that imbued the spear with intense, storming power.

An agreement was made with the Miralai, that with the weapon in hand, Addercliffe would solve this matter on their own and should they die in the attempt, the Miralai would come to pick up where they left off. They promised to return the weapon once the deed had been done, as the Miralai would not suffer outsiders to wield the power of their order beyond this one task.

As for the natives, it appears that atleast two people went to meet them after the meeting, Devlan voicing concern for his lumber camp, while sir Gileston wished to inform the native shaman they had been in contact with face to face, apparently for honor's sake. The Natives' response has not been immediately hostile, as was feared, and they do not seem to intend to raid trade routes or attack the folk on the mainland. Any further help, protection or  from the Natives seems unlikely, however and Man has been given a warning to stay away from their graves and holy sites, their dissapointment in mankind made clear.

With the weapon at hand, a map to find the demon and tools to keep it from escaping, the adventurers now plot the final stages of the hunt. To bring an end to this tragedy.

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In preparation for their final confrontation with the Prisoner, old man Gileston has been a common sight on the docks, preparing the necessary provisions and equipment for their journey.

For some strange reason he has also brought a bag of the vibrant red flowers from the Isle of Roses, shredded them on one of the inn's outside tables and grounded them with mortar and pestle.

Busied with work, it is almost as if the old man's body has forgotten its age as he moves out and about with resolute and unwavering purpose, utterly focused in preparation for the journey that may very well be the last for himself and any others crazy enough to follow him.

Gone for now is the sad old soldier, tormented by ghosts of the past and in his stead stands a man who Belongs, doing what he is meant to do.

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Facing the Prisoner

With preparations made and all hands at the ready, the adventurers set forth for their reckless, but inevitable attack on the Prisoner's new home, the isle of Huaxitatl. Even finding a captain crazy enough to go there proved an obstacle on their path, but eventually they managed to convince Captain Merya and her wreck of a ship's crew to brave the storms that had been rumored to brew on those waters.

And a storm they found, one to remember. Ice shredded their sails and elemental cold took form on all sides of the ships as they neared what seemed to be a hurricane of ice. Sailors met their doom left and right despite the adventures' mighty swordarms and punishing spellwork. Even the fire rained upon the storm by their bright young mage Sera didn't seem to put an end to what seemed to be certain death. Until a great seabeast appeared, a massive serpent slithering in the depths below, scaring the adventurers for how could they fight such a thing. But it appears the serpentine monster wasn't there for them, as it slid beneath the torn apart ship to meet the hurricane itself, dissapearing within it and forcing it away from the ship, giving the adventurers their moment to jump a rowboat and make their way to the island. However even the cold waters seemed intent on preventing passage, and the adventurers had to save their own from drowning deaths and hypothermia in a desperate fight against the relentless waves. Some say that it was Necalli, the snake-like spirit of Addercliffe's river, that saved them out there.

The island itself welcomed them with the sight of an old site of a small town's destruction, a Miralai spear stuck in the middle of all of it almost as a eternal warning to never cross them. When wiser words failed the convince, one of the adventurers found out the hard way what happens when you touch a Miralai weapon, shocking themselves by merely grasping it. Fortunately, the deep layers of arcane and druidic magic took the brunt of the bright shock, but the adventurers had drawn attention to themselves. They were surrounded by an army of spiritual foes and skeletal warriors, fighting their way through their ambushes as they made their way further inland.

At the heart of the isle,  at the root of an seemingly active volcano, the adventurers beheld the awe inspiring sight of a mysterious robed druid locked in magical battle with the Prisoner himself, a powerful, towering lizardman wielding incredible shamanic might. Taking their opportunity, the adventurers armed themselves with the weapons of the Natives and the Sari, coating their blades with the sleeping mixtures and the Rhegian soldier Karsten Rothstein brandished the obsidian headed spear imbued with Miralai magic for their final conflict. They were ready.

The druid was taken out of  the fight as the adventurers made their charge. Flanked from all sides, the prisoner held them off with a powerful barrier as he weaved an intense spell that would have surely spelled inevitable doom. When all magical and martial methods to strike through the prisoner's barrier and to end his magics were met with the bitter taste of dissapointment, only the Torch given to old Walter by the natives was able to even the odds, for as soon as the strange ingredients wrapped upon that wooden pole came alight, magic lurched and fell apart. Held aloft, the torch shone as the beacon of their hope as their weapons began to find purchase.

But the Prisoner was not a mere weaver of spells. Arming itself with a nasty spear, the enourmous creature held off the adventurers with demonic strength. Strikes that could have easily ended the lives of mortal men appeared to be mere fleabites to the Abomination and even the obsidian spear had difficulty doing much else but slow it down. The demon was eventually impaled on the cursed sword of Devlan, known for its ability to steal spirits unto itself. The warning cries of the companions, to pull the weapon out before it could destroy their plans, seemed to come too late as the demonic entity took ahold of the weapon and pulled itself down along it, eventually grasping the hilt of it despite the best of efforts to push and pull on the beast by the entire group.

And then..  it was gone. A moment of defeat came over them as the demon had simply dissapeared using the cursed sword's power. But the escape had left behind it a trail, a pathway that the adventurers could throw themselves in to, and follow the Abomination to finish what they had started. Hesitating to join his comrades in the unknown that laid on the other side, Karsten threw his spear to the unarmed Devlan and was left alone on the volcanic isle as the rupture caved in behind his companions.

They found themselves in the strange whiteness of the world within the cursed sword once more. There they searched, desperate to find the abomination, but at first sight they were only greeted with the bones and ruined homes of an ancient dwarven village. There, amidst the destruction, laid the Prisoner. His gut spilling its insides and his throat slashed open, its words came out as a futile gurgle. Yet the Demon defied its slayers.. And attempted its escape with the power of the sword in its possession, only to be stopped by the obsidian spear that pierced it, coursing lightning through its entire form. Falling in an excruciating end, a final misty glow rose from its scales as it finally laid dead.

With Time finally catching up to the Prisoner's ancient remains, it withered and crumbled, becoming dust before their eyes.


With the cursed sword's power their only way out, the adventurers soon found themselves in a shed on a working site near Packard town. A handful of things would happen then.. as things settled down and old hostilities had time to spark:

- Karsten was retrieved from the Isle after three days. It appears the adventurers had "lost time" again, but fortunately not long enough to end in the Rhegian's starvation. The adventurers had to manage a boat of their own as no sailor would brave those waters after what happened to Merya's ship and crew. It seems there was some arguing among the adventurers when Devlan wouldn't have the others join them on his boat, which gave the old knight Walter the suspicion that the Sari would have ran off with the spear. Despite infighting and accusations, Karsten was brought back alive and in a relatively good condition.

- Captain Merya's ship was taken in for repairs while the captain took leave to bury the dead crewmen lost in the storm. Sir Gileston seems to have honored his agreement with the Captain and the woman herself and the families of the deceased are being compensated from the old knight's coffers. Walter appears to regret the deaths of the sailors, but considers theirs a heroic end doing the Healer's work and making Addercliffe a safe place.

- More arguing over the fate of the spear ensued in the Hearthfire inn and on the docks, as Walter demanded that Devlan follow the agreement with the Miralai and the will of the community by bringing the spear to Moranpur, as no other could touch it now without being grievously injured. The Sari man rather took the advice of an exhausted and feverish seeming mage, Sera, who wanted to experiment on the spear in Exile's watch. Despite the warnings of such actions breaching their agreement with the the Sari and possibly being certain suicide, the unwell Sera and Devlan set off to Exile's watch for none would've been able to physically stop them with that powerful obsidian spear in their possession. They later returned, the spear still intact and the adventurers finally set off to Moranpur. Sera appeared worse for wear, thoroughly shaken and worn out by the day's events and by whatever happened on Exile's watch.

- Walter, Devlan and Guinevere ended up bringing the spear to the Bloody Purity Commission. Devlan's arms burned badly in the fires of the ritual and the old knight and the young girl whom which the old man had a caring, but turbulent relationship, had to leave the Sari man to the "care" of the Miralai by the order of the Miralai. With the Blood Purity Commission having a reputation for the single place you do not want to be in when visiting Moranpur, there seems to be many grim possibilities for what happened after the door closed behind the young ranger and the old knight.

((Thank you for everyone who took part in this plot and a big thank you to Snowfall for putting blood, sweat and time in to running everything and putting all the effort in both the plot and the building. It is appreciated. Feel free to put in your own rumors about your characters, from a point of view that could be learned ICly.))

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Before his timely rescue by the ranger, Guinevere and swordsman, Devlan, Rothstein spent his three days on the deserted island productively.

Whilst not skilled to the level of a seasoned ranger or outdoorsman, the Rhegian soldier had spent sufficient time on marching through icy terrain and living in war camps cut off the rest of civilisation to pick up some survival skills in his service days. To that end, he was methodical and tireless in improving his chances of staying alive, keeping himself busy so as not to fall into quick despair. Securing a shelter under one of the ruined buildings on the island and finding a source of fresh water, Karsten subsisted off rationed amounts crab-meat and fruit, whilst focusing his mind on the creation of a raft. The soldier would also use wood from the ruined buildings near the charred watch-tower as means of maintaining a signal fire to attact the attention of any sea-faring vessels braving the oceans nearby. 

In the days following the perilous mission and their battle with the abominations puppet, Karsten can be seen sat atop the small hill where the windmill tower stands next the Hearth Fire tavern. He appears distant and wearied from his recent exertions, silently ruminating on himself. Staring out to sea, he can be seen spending an inordinate amount of time honing the sharpened edges/points of his weapons, writing in his journal and cleaning the dirt from his boots.

Even through any celebrations that might result as the adventurers efforts to help the community, he'd appear sparingly in public places and at late hours in Trudy's tavern, seeming to indicate a lack of sleep and an inability to relax. Others might notice a curious vine-wreathed stave carried in a belted holster worn over his tabard - the same device worn to carry the Miralai spear, as well as frowning at the writing he'd be seen to study from yellowed pages of a worn-looking tome in a shaded corner of the inn.
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