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Character Biographies [Guide].
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Character Biographies

Dragoncoast's DM team often finds it useful to know a little bit more about your characters. We can not always guarantee that we will be able to tailor events to your character's background and personality, but any insights we can gain can aid us in running events. There are two principle ways you can communicate information about your character to us, the primary method we encourage is to write Roleplaying Posts or Character Journals in their relevant forum sections.

Another method is to use the Character Biographies section of the Helpdesk. It should be noted that this is by no means obligatory but can be a useful means of providing insight to the DM team. There are some rules in place for creating submissions and this guide should take you through the process.

Overview & Example

The aim of the Character Biographies section of the Helpdesk is to allow you to create a 'Cheat Sheet' that gives DMs a very concise overview of what your character is about. Whilst we try our best to keep up with submissions in the Roleplaying sections; often DMs do not have the time to read them all. Character Biographies allows you to give us a quick and simple briefing. The formatting for these submissions is very strict in order to make them easily legible for DMs. Lets go over the rules with an example biography for an NPC:

Gauth's Largest Citizen Dave
  • Character Overview.

    A simple two or three sentence description that boils down the essence of what your character is all about.

    Dave is the largest Citizen in Gauth. He is Caleb Olfist's Prospect in the Oathsworn. He is very much a 'Gentle Giant' and child-like in his attachment to his mother.
  • Character Background

    Does your character have any burning character secrets or a particular defining moment in their life? This section would be limited to five bullet points maximum.
  • Dave's soulforged item is his weapon, that he never uses but is nonetheless very proud of. The weapon is a barrel, embedded with spikes and attached to a wormroot trunk.
  • Dave regularly participates in the Tournament of the Axe. He features as one of the objects which challengers in the Strength Competition must lift. He won the competition in 395 AD.
  • Dave harbours a deeply secret love of Botok the Trackmaster, whom he considers a personal hero.
  • Character Goals

    A simple bullet pointed list that describes your character's goals as briefly as possible. Again, there's a maximum limit of five.
  • Dave wants to defend Gauth.
  • Dave wants to someday become an Oathsworn.
  • Dave wants to someday master the tracks like Botok has.

Using this format will allow you to give us quick insights into your character. Please do your best to make your submission as concise as possible, this makes it easy on us to read through your entries and take them into account during events. The only additional rule is one submission per character.

Now that we have a general overview, lets look at the process for creating your submission:

  • Creating your Ticket

    First, you will need to create your ticket. If you are uncertain of how to proceed with this you can check out our Helpdesk Guide that should take you through the process. When it comes to naming your ticket, use your Character Name. For the Department, you want to select Character Biographies. Finally, set your ticket to Private, this means that only DMs and Admins will be able to read your ticket and not other players. Create your character biography using the above format and submit your ticket.

  • What happens next?

    Once you have created your ticket, one of our DMs will move it into a private sub forum which is only accessible to DMs and Admins. This allows us to freely browse and search through character backgrounds and co-ordinate any efforts we make to tailor events to the information you provide.

  • What if I want to edit my submission?

    Have no fear! DMs can easily move back your submission to the Helpdesk so that you can edit it again. Simply let us know via a forum PM or through contacting us in-game. You can also easily make another submission, but keep in mind this will be used to replace your original one.