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[Rumor] Dream Medicine
« on: November 01, 2015, 08:22:15 PM »
Of late, a halfling-blooded woman by the name of Tanya has been looking for some means, whether magical or medicinal, to help someone remember dreams and forgotten memories. Though she hasn't explained precisely why she wants this, she's been quite busy asking folks around town and the local herbalist about how this can be done.

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Re: [Rumor] Dream Medicine
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The people of Addercliffe are of little aid in providing any such herb or remedy, seemingly more proficient in the treatment of ailments of the body. It seems alternative pathways may be needed to find a cure for such a condition.

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Re: [Rumor] Dream Medicine
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To aid Tanya's search, Walter Gileston makes it known that they are searching for a mage to perform an examination of a rather peculiar magical phenomenon and that divination services would also be greatly appreciated.

Judging by the sounds of it, it seems to be related to the man stuck in Barlow's cell.