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[Rumor] Contacting the Lizards
« on: November 08, 2015, 10:31:39 PM »
Apparently, the halfling-blooded swordswoman, Tanya, is trying to arrange some sort of meeting with the lizard-like natives of the jungle. She has been asking around town for help in trying to contact them, stating she hopes they may have some insight on the matter of Reynolds' affliction.

The half-breed is offering a sum of two thousand Dhauns for the services of an interpreter - someone that speaks Sari or perhaps even a bit of the lizards' tongue - and is interested in any advice to be offered on what goods to present the natives as part of an exchange.

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Re: [Rumor] Contacting the Lizards
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Unfortunately, questions about the natives asked on Addercliffe are met with ambivalence, and those in Packard Town with outright distrust. It seems that relations may have soured somewhat in recent days between the settlers and the natives of Banton Cove.

In a stroke of luck, while searching Packard Town, Tanya overhears word of a gathering of Natives sighted deep within the jungle. A quick trip to the docks soon yields a Sari sailor willing to aid in translating for any Sari-speaking Natives they are able to find, for a hefty sum of gold naturally.

It seems an expedition is in order.

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Re: [Rumor] Contacting the Lizards
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Spurring into action and eagerly agreeing to hire the Sari sailor (for a hefty sum of gold), the half-breed goes about trying to gather up some supplies to present as gifts or for trade to the lizard-like people. Seeming unable to determine precisely what she'll need, she sets about trying to purchase excess medical supplies (balms, poultices, salves and bandages) and trade goods (linen, wool, clothing and some iron tools) for just that purpose.