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[Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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The old paladin Gileston has been by Oswyn's blacksmithy recently, attempting to convince the man to perform a very specific piece of work for the good of Addercliffe. Apparently he wishes the blacksmith to fashion a shaft that can fit an ancient obsidian spearhead and he wishes the blacksmith to do it under mages' supervision.

The old man hasn't demanded Oswyn's services outright, but instead attempted a diplomatic approach of promising a significant reward for his toil, compensation for the fine materials required and the promise that this weapon may very well save Addercliffe from great harm.

Seeing as the Paladin doesn't have said spearhead on his person, he has sent word to the lumber camp near Packard town that he requires the aid of Guinevere for the key part of the weapon itself.

He has also sent word for the mages Sera and Bram in the hopes that the remaking of the weapon would benefit from their arcane expertise and exotic skill as artificers.

The Adventurers and the craftsmen have two weeks to present a weapon worthy of the rituals that would complete it. To fail could bring the ire of the Miralai, whose wrath is well feared in the southern world.

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Re: [Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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Being a craftsman, Oswyn is more than willing to undertake the task provided he is adequately compensated. He agrees to assist the group in the forging of such a shaft.

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Re: [Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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To fill his hands with work, the old paladin has begun to practice polearm forms and maneuvers with a staff on the beach near the church. He has also invited Karsten Rothstein to join in the exercise and for a bit of sparring, his reasoning being that atleast two should be able to wield the weapon competently should one of them fall.

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Re: [Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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Prior to receiving the knight's invitation, Rothstein has been noticed as having performed several sweeps of the island upon horseback, showing great proficiency in his riding abilities given his cavalry training.

He makes it known that he's attempting to assess the the key defensible elements of the settlement, though it can't be denied to any paying attention that he appears displeased somehow.
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Re: [Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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Sera visits Oswyn after she's heard of him accepting the job, spending her day at the smithy watching him work. She doesn't interfere much, leaving the expert do what he does best, instead chatting a bit about the work, answering any magic-related question the man might have about the weapon, as well as curiously asking a few of her own about his craft.

When the smith takes his breaks, she jumps in and examines the weapon as it forms, using her combination of magical insight, divination spells and burgeoning artificing knowledge to attempt to determine if she could somehow "rekindle" the weapon's long-lost magic.

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Re: [Rumor] A Weapon to slay a Demon
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Guinevere would eventually arrive with said spear. She would come to speak to Oswyn, offering him the spear to allow him to take in the measurements of the spear head and make adjustments with the shaft accordingly.
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