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[Rumor] At a crossroads with a demon
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Since the old paladin Walter Gileston got back from a recent journey in to the jungle to meet with the Natives, he has contacting the key figures in Addercliffe, such as Father Piper, Trudy Endicott, the blacksmith Oswyn and the guardsman Barlow by marching to their places of work and politely informing them that a community meeting must take place, and it must be quickly, for it concerns the future of Addercliffe. The paladin has been spreading the same message among the adventuring side of Addercliffe due to the dangerous and bizarre, magical nature of the situation. The only party that Walter has deliberately ignored has been the Packard Company, which is most likely due to the paladin's open and intense disagreement with the company's practices.

The matter appears to involve the long hunt for the demon that was unleashed from its prison from beneath Addercliffe and has ever since terrorized both the mainland and the village itself. The Paladin is convinced that the community must come together to decide how to proceed on the matter of how to deal with the demon, for Addercliffe as a whole is now under pressure by two different parties.

The Miralai have been tasked by the spirits of their houses to destroy the demon. Toward this end they have tasked the adventurers to reforge a spear from the ancient creature's prison, so that the Miralai rituals could make it a weapon of destruction. The Sariharkhan enforcers were rather clear that it would be bad for Addercliffe to back out of their agreement.

And the Natives consider the imprisonment of the demon a matter of deep cultural importance, that the decree of a revered chieftain from those times long past should be held and that the Demon should be put back to rot in its prison untill life ceased to exist. It seems that the natives are getting restless about the whole affair and that mankind has deeply insulted them by letting the Demon free in the first place. Breaking the demon's life long sentence with death could very well spark bloodshed and according to the Natives, it would not be something they would forget.

The matter does not appear black and white, with grave consequences on both courses of action.

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Re: [Rumor] At a crossroads with a demon
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Sera might not be the loudest voice in the discussions, but her opinion is pretty clear. There is no reason for Addercliffe to be stuck in the middle of this. They should arrange a meeting between the natives and Miralai, and let them bully each other instead of the innocent men and women of the village. If the two parties have competing interests, they should settle them between each other, not hold them to an impossible choice.

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Re: [Rumor] At a crossroads with a demon
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((You can read what happened here in the Claws of Beasts rumor thread)),59589.msg124736.html#msg124736