Author Topic: [Rumour] Lieutenant Rothstein's absence from Addercliffe.  (Read 540 times)

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[Rumour] Lieutenant Rothstein's absence from Addercliffe.
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The Rhegian soldier, Lieutenant Rothstein appears to have left Addercliffe quietly.

In the aftermath of the final clash against the demon known as the Prisoner, the man has been observed to have been keeping a low profile - even amidst any celebrations arising from the adventurer's victory.

Despite all established efforts the man has made to aid the community of Addercliffe and improve the image of his countrymen, those still critical of Rhegians on the island to know of the soldier's deeds  might remark that Karsten has dishonourably abandoned his post.

A short note is left with Trudy Endicott to be passed on to Sir. Walter Gileston as well as a parcel of some kind.

IoA character: Karsten Rothstein - Displaced Rhegian Soldier (16).
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