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Death [Mechanics & Ruling]
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Death has been completely overhauled for DC5, and this is worth reading even for old players.

When a character reaches 0 HP, they are considered unconscious. Unconscious characters cannot auto-raise. This marks a significant departure from previous DC servers.

The most common option open to unconscious characters is to respawn. There will be no permenant penalty attached to respawning, eg loss of experience, etc. However, respawning will impose a reduction in Essence.

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Roleplaying guideline on Death

The staff encourages that rather than playing death each time your character suffers "game-engine-death" that you RP-wise take it as being knocked out, gravely wounded and unable to fight on.

The reason being that death loses it importance if every man and his mother dies 10 times a day. Instead true death on DC is when a character is perma-killed.


On DC it is not within the authority of players to permakill other people's characters. Therefore, it is considered common courtesy not to put a character in a situation where recovering from PvP is not feasible. This includes slitting other people's throats, decapitation, etcetera. [Chevy: This does not mean that you may only use subdual mode! This simply means that at the end of PvP, in normal circumstances, none of the combatants are beheaded, disembowled, or have wounds which are otherwise permanently incapacitating.]

This is an ooc rule, which means that naturally characters should consider themselves mortals in situations that could be lethal.


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Re: Death [Mechanics]
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Permadeath & EXP Reimbursement

Every storyline has an ending and on DragonCoast we want to encourage players to consider the permanent death of their character as part of driving the storyline forward. In cases where players feel like this is a viable option, we encourage you to contact us. Dungeon Masters may also contact players if they believe one of these opportunities is available. In cases where this happens, DragonCoast has an EXP Reimbursement policy where we will transfer a certain proportion (usually 50%) of your fallen character's experience onto a new character of your choice. This means less time spent levelling up and gives you a head start in re-establishing your new PC. Please note, however, that final authority in these situations rests in the hands of the DM team and not all situations may qualify for this policy. If you have any doubts, or questions, feel free to run them past a Dungeon Master via private message, the dm channel in-game or the helpdesk.