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I know I haven't been keeping a very good paper trail on the forums for people to follow and seeing I had to take a bit more than a month off I decided something had to be done. So we will have a little info dump for the current plots so everyone is on the same page again and no one has to go digging through notes they may or may not have lost.

Those with Many Faces

--- Quote ---Over the past few months there have been a number of sightings of strange creatures around Packard town. One of them being a deer that would eat just about anything, including its natural predators. However while some locals were performing a rescue operation for a missing hunter this creature was found dead.

Next to the strange creature was the body of the man who had requested the rescue team to find the missing hunter. However his body looked like he had been dead for days. Someone or something had used the man's face however the purpose of this is unknown.

Since then the sightings of a strange man have increased, however it never seems to be the same person and most “sightings” have turned out to be false as the population on Addercliffe have become a bit paranoid.
--- End quote ---

Tension in Packard Town
--- Quote ---While the recent issue with the price of the general store goods and wages has decreased to grumbling heard at the tavern every night it does not seem to be over. There is a bit of unrest over the attempted murder of the Foreman Wilfred Mayer who is actively working to push Packard Town, and by consequence Packard himself, to improve the quality of life for the miners and other workers that live there.

Along with the attempted murder there seems to be a new drug that is sneaking its way into the town. No one has identified what it is or where it comes from but it seems to cause people to become irrational and violent. Given the current tension this new drug will only start to stir things up again if it gets out of control.
--- End quote ---

Belief in Those Above
--- Quote ---A few weeks ago a local dockworker, named Archibald, was mortally wounded while performing his job. However as he lay there dying a grey robed woman showed up and saved his life with a few strange words. Those asked could not describe what words were spoken nor what language it came from but this woman went on and healed anyone who asked. She restored lost limbs, removed diseases, and in one case cured a man's failing memory. As the celebration and crowd started to gather this woman up and vanished within it.

A few days after a following started to come forth proclaiming this woman to be a "Servant of God" and they besieged the church requesting that she come back to them to heal those that could not be cured with conventional means. While there were a few heated words the crowd eventually dispersed after a certain bard and shaman almost caused a riot.

There are still small gatherings that meet weekly in the refugee camp praying that this person come back to them.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---After a few weeks the divide between those that believe or not has grown bigger. Fights between the poor on Addercliffe are getting increasingly common. Though thankfully there has only been one recorded death since the whole thing started. Though now rumors say that these believers are practicing heretical worship in the woods on Addercliffe.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The island is calmer after a failed attack on Exile's watch and a number of men have been locked in jail for attempting to murder the mad wizard of Addercliffe. The cult, as it is now being called, that launched the attack seems to have vanished. Even their leader, Archibald, has been reported missing and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

In other news a giant puddle of blood and a strange inhuman skeleton has been found near the refugee camps. In light of this more Addercliffe deputies have been seen in the area attempting to keep the peace and to find what it was that was killed.
--- End quote ---

Plot Finished

The Broken Spirit
--- Quote ---
(Will be vague due to the nature of the plot and lack of information that has been discovered)
Nagimora; The name of a spirit that most shamans consider to be dead has been appearing more and more commonly in tavern gossip. What could have caused its popularity recently is unknown but the stories that are whispered can be frightening.

The most common rumors say the dead spirit of safe travel is preying on those that it once protected. That it will chase you for miles and if you get lost you will never escape it. That when it catches you it will rip you limb from limb. Or at least that is what the drunk heard from his neighbor who got the information from his cousin that may have overheard it while in a crowd of people all talking at once.
--- End quote ---


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