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Credits [Admin]
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Reeron and Trekari: Spell Fixes and Improvements version 3.5
Brock Fanning TLK Card Games Hakpak
MisterBritish: Hakpak, backpacks for All
Robinson's Workshop (RWS): Hakpaks, Tilesets, Creatures
Witness: Hakpak, Crypt Tileset
Aleanne: Hakpak, Clothing
Tanita: NWNPacker
DMFI: DM Tools, Player Tools
Heed: GUI, PC Tool which we used as base to our Emote System
Barrel of Monkeys and RunnerDuck: Hakpak, Clothing
Kazgoroth/NWNMaster: - Neverwinter 2 Toolset Guide Website
MWMDragon: Hakpak, weapons appearances
NWNX: Database integration
Camb: Special effects
Sunlee's Custom Content: SunSilk Shields
Tupoun: Hakpak, City HAK
Xaltar: Robe Retexturing.
Whatbrick: Additional hairstyles.
Miss O: Female elf head.
Qkrch - Everfire Forge: Goblin Worg Riders 
Kaedrin: Basis for reserve feats & Character Utilities
Nytir: BCKII
ACME Studios: Assault & Hattery
Schazzwozzer: Hatsplosion! Hat & Helmet Pack
SGK73: Black skydome
Kivien: Item Placeables Hakpak
Skywing: Client extension & NWNX plugins
KEMO: Auction house & Biography
GrinningFool: For his great additions to NWN2.
Bioware and Obsidian: They made NWN1 and NWN2 respectively. Without 'em, none of this would be possible!

The folks above are awesome. If we're using something of yours and you're not credited, let us know! Send me or another admin a PM on the forum. It's a big list, and we may have overlooked something.