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Helpdesk [Guide].
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One of the new features of the forums for Depths of Norhaven is the Helpdesk, this function replaces the HELP account and acts as the primary place to petition help from DMs and also report bugs and exploits. So how does this marvellous piece of technology work? It's actually very simple!

  • Step One: Creating your Ticket.

    When you first open the Helpdesk you should be presented with something that looks like this. In order to create your ticket simply click on Post New Ticket. This should bring up a screen that looks much like an ordinary private message, go ahead and enter in the details of your request or bug report here. Make sure to make the description of the problem short and to the point as this helps to make sure there's no confusion when it comes to handling it. If your issue involves your character, please ensure to include your full character name and account name. Once you're done with the writing you can attach a screenshot, this is usually handy as it allows us to see exactly what the problem is.

  • Step Two: Naming your Ticket.

    It's important that we're able to easily distinguish between the different nature of Tickets, the best way you can help us is by giving your ticket a clear Ticket Department and name. First, select the department from the drop-down list, you have a choice between the following:

    • General: General purpose category for contacting the staff about anything that does not fit into the other categories.
    • Building: Category for issues with building, use this for any problems you find in areas throughout the module.
    • Character Management: Category for Character Management, use this category for any requests to change your character's size ratios, colours and biographies. Requests for re-levels and re-rolls can be directed towards DMs in-game.
    • Forum / Website: Please use this category to inform us of any issues you've found with the forums and website, particularly any out of date information.
    • Mechanics: Category for any issues involving Dragoncoast's custom mechanics, this includes our new classes and changes to existing classes, the essence system and any scripts.
    • Portraits: Categry for portrait submissions, please use this to submit a custom KEMO portrait for your character.
    • Plot: Category for event requests and plot, use this category to contact the DM team regarding ongoing plotlines and requests.
    • Recraft: Category for recrafts. Please make sure to read our Recraft Guide before making submissions.

    Once you've selected the appropriate category please give your ticket a clear and distinct name, this helps us to quickly assign the best person to deal with your ticket.

  • Step Three: Public or Private?

    Now that you have written your Ticket and attached a screenshot, you can decide whether to set that Ticket to public or private in the drop down box to the left. The key difference between public and private is that public tickets are open for fellow players to view and respond to, if you feel you may be experiencing a common problem then this is a good option as it allows players to respond with their own experiences and fixes. Private tickets are only visible by members of the staff, selecting this option is usually good when reporting exploits or when wishing to bring private matters to our attention.

  • Step Four: Await Response.

    Once you have submitted your Ticket it will be visible to the staff and, if public, to the players as well. With private tickets a staff member will most likely be assigned to resolve the issue and should respond reasonably promptly; though we do ask for some patience. With public tickets we encourage people who feel they can provide assistance to post a response and when the issue has been resolved to the poster's satisfaction they can simply click 'resolve ticket', which lets everyone know it's been handled!

    Please be certain to check back on your tickets for new responses on a regular basis.