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General Discussion (OOC) / [Epilogue] Intrigues of Addercliffe
« Last post by Panic on December 21, 2017, 05:28:56 PM »
[Withdrawn from archives of the Seaguard Institute]

999 Years after Salvation – The Founding of the Republic of Addercliffe
After the discovery of the dwarven fortress in Banton Cove, the great powers of the world rapidly descended into the area around Addercliffe. However, despite their significant investment of forces, those involved were quickly brought to a stalemate as no single power could move on the golems while the others were nearby. In this moment of uncertainty, a small strike team sent from the village of Addercliffe managed to take control of the fortress.
With the resources of the dwarven fortress in hand, the stalemate around Addercliffe ended quickly. The mine where the Rhegian teleportation device (1) was being deployed was destroyed due to one well-placed bomb. After the Rhegian threat was removed, the golems marched to the shore. A few hours of bombardment from both sides led to the Pyrakrean ships being forced to withdraw due to the golem threat. Taking a different strategy, the Sari withdrew preemptively without fighting the golems.
A council meeting was subsequently called on Addercliffe as soon as the fighting stopped. New seats were created, more members were brought onboard to discuss the future, and new laws to regulate the dangerous technology were passed. The little island had gained control of an almost limitless supply of workers and weapons, and the effects of this event were widespread. Fearing abuse, one of the newly elected councilmen, Logan Ackerman (2), pushed toward restricting the use of golems and the council capitulated. These actions became the founding writ of the republic.
(1) Rhegian Teleportation device – for further information, consult the archive entry on Rhegian technology of this era.
(2) Logan Ackerman – Often mistaken for the mythical figure Logain Mackerel due to similar names. To read more see: "The Glorious Mackerel – Hero of our Time"
End of the Age of Salvation

The Age of Prosperity

Year 1 AP - The Growth of Addercliffe

The Founding of the Republic of Addercliffe had left the world in a tumult of rapid change. The nations of Rhegius, Pyrakre and Sariharkha refused to accept the creation of the Republic of Addercliffe and initially denied its sovereignty. In contrast, Koro Kita accepted the new nation with open arms and trade between them flourished.
Stonehaven, the predominantly dwarven settlement on Addercliffe, was brought back into the nation proper after laws were passed that ensured their equal rights and representation on the council.
There was then an explosion of growth in Addercliffe as the golems were used to rebuild its infrastructure. Jungle was repurposed and farmland expanded deep into the mainland. Knowledge was drawn from the dwarven fortress subsequently distributed by the scholars of the Seaguard Institute, leading to its future predominance in the academic world.
Year 2 AP – The Defeat of Rhegius

The fall of Rhegius led to the end of the war in the north. The great nation of Rhegius surrendered and signed a peace treaty that granted several concessions to Pyrakre. Land and wealth flowed to the Pyrakrean victors.
Prince Leonard spent the rest of his days in a prison until he died of natural causes, a term of the peace deal. Queen Anelle went on to establish a long-lasting royal dynasty which helped to cement the revitalization of the ruined capitol and the surrounding countryside.

Meanwhile on Addercliffe, a mix of Rhegian-leaning locals and new refugees from the fallen city proceeded to splinter off and form an independent settlement on the mainland. Unlike the rest of the region, the inhabitants chose to maintain a modified form of Rhegian Holy Law. Led by Agata Tir'renoska, this new faction ultimately established a relationship with Addercliffe similar to that held by Stonehaven.
Year 3 AP – Isolation of the Sari

Sariharkha's only open port, Moranpur, closed its doors to all outside nations. It soon became clear that any ship traveling toward the nation would be turned away or destroyed. This period of isolation left the Sari even more insular and there is little within the historic record to describe the events which occured there in the following years.
Year 4 AP - Time of Unrest

Peace reigns for a time, trade prospering between Koro Kita and Addercliffe despite the continued refusal of the northern powers to recognize the nascent republic. Tensions grow economically as the Pyrakreans sense their increasing obsolescence due to northern trade stagnation.

Year 8 AP - Year of Change

A skirmish between Addercliffe and Pyrakre's navy took place in the early part of the year, though the exact inciting event has never been determined. Addercliffe's swift and overwhelming victory led to the reopening of talks between the nations. Rhegius followed suit so as not be left behind. Trade deals were struck and both nations were forced to officially recognize the sovereignty of both Addercliffe and its growing presence on the mainland.

On the isle of Addercliffe itself, change began to accelerate rapidly during this period and redevelopment of the island began in earnest.

As peace came to Banton Cove, the Briarwood Mercenary Company was forced to change amidst a poor contract climate. While business was booming in other sectors, there was less need for mercenaries with the emergence of low-cost golem solutions. Instead of disbanding, the company leader Logan Ackerman led an initiative to attempt taming of the wyverns that were found in the local area. The druid Kiran, an oft-forgotten co-founder of the Briarwood Mercenary Company, was instrumental in this act but disappeared shortly after. With this newfound might and speed, the newly reforged Briarwoods developed into a rapid response security force for the republic.

During this period, the Araval Lumber Company, led by Devlan Araval, massively diversified its assets and entered trade relations with the northern powers. Through his shrewd dealings, Devlan gained a great deal of wealth and became a major player both in international trade as well as the development of the mainland, where he owned large landholdings. His life was plagued by scandal, with multiple accusations that he was financing sabotage efforts against the golem manufactory, though no claims were ultimately ever found to be credible.

Amidst the increasing settlement of the mainland, the Natives were slowly pushed to the brink as they found themselves with less hunting land and many more neighbors. An exodus soon developed as they moved deeper into the jungle, though a small group chose to remain in Banton Cove. This group, led by a particularly charismatic young shaman, took up residence on Exile’s Watch. It is said that their leader studied there with Sera, the Mad Wizard of Exile’s Watch, before going on to campaign for the rights of his people over many years. For her part, Sera remained quite isolated for most of her life, continuing her studies while maintaining her workforce of skeletal laborers. Late in her life, she released a memoir extensively detailing the events which led up to the emergence of the golems. While the book never sold widely, it became a subject of great interest to some scholars and fringe theorists.
Year 10 AP – End of a businessman

Late in the year, Warren Packard died during an outbreak of disease on Addercliffe and his longtime business partner, Avery Eklund, took over the Packard Company. Her involvement with the company marked a golden age of rapid expansion into the Koro Kitan market. Always in the shadows, Padrin Dy'ness assisted Avery in her business dealings, acting as a spymaster of sorts as the scope of her business empire grew.

Year 11 AP Onward

The founding of the Republic of Addercliffe and its growth into the predominant state in the south is a story which has shaped the world as a whole. For further details on the subsequent events which led to its urbanization, please consult the next volume.

Character Journals / A Private Prayer from a Preacher of Broken Faith
« Last post by RSO on December 12, 2017, 06:30:30 AM »
Governor, or whatever clerk in Our Governor's House on whom falls the duty of hearing the prayers of people like me. This is my plea for help, for we are losing the war.

Not the civil war. Not Pyrakre and Rhegius. Maybe we deserve to lose that one, for how we mishandled Our Governor's Word. For how we were so bent on pursuing the lapses of the Dadrians that we ignored the heresy within our own. For how swiftly we strayed from both Dictates and simple dignity in the exercise of war. We were poor stewards of Your holy kingdom, and if it is Your will that we should fall, then so be it.

We are losing the war for hope, and for the hearts and souls of Your people. Each day that the lesser war rages, my congregation gets smaller. Time once was that even Dadrians came to hear me speak, now only the most pious remain. When the Legions come, 'tis the Word that bears the fault of their deeds. When the Pyrakreans come, 'tis the selfishness of mankind. With each wave that crashes against Addercliffe, the war takes from us a little of our faith in You and, and a little of our faith in each other. Soon, we shall be without faith in either, and I should be an empty woman, preaching to empty pews.

Have we not suffered enough? If this be a war to teach us humility, have we not learned it?

I have only three complete works of Your books: Salvation, Ceremonies, and Warfare. Every night, I study this incomplete collection, seeking to understand. In Salvation, You command that a missionary should seek to connect The Word to the lives of the flock. What am I to teach people in such a time as this? These people know already all that I could teach from Ceremonies. Lessons from Warfare only pick at the scabs over the resentment these people hold for the War around them. And in Salvation, Your lessons in agriculture and sanitation seem as distant to them as dreams, for my flock isn't allowed the choice of what crops to plant, or what sewers to dig.

Warfare would command me to call for the Legions to depose the tyrants, and allow my flock to take charge of their life and lands. But the Legions cannot come now, and when they came before, they were but another tyrant. I am but one piece of Your design. What is the wheel to do when the axle is broken?

I should not think such thoughts. Of Consequence, I have but few chapters, and my own imperfect memories, but I know that if the wheel is bent and un-round, she should not blame the axle.

Yenin wrote that missionaries must be a model for our flock, and be exemplars of the gifts the Law we would impart. It is only the already pious who remain to listen to me now, and before them, I am a model of naught but doubt. In this, I see one of my errors. In my heart, I knew when I came to Addercliffe that I was fleeing the war. I knew that under Your law, a missionary will be the last conscripted. It was an cowardice, not piety, that led me to this life. Tomorrow, I shall put that right. I shall take arms and serve my flock as their protector, until either they have no more need of me, or breath leaves my body.

Whichever it is to be, I beg that it be soon.

Please, end the war. If we must lose - then let it be so. If we all must die for unfaithfully keeping Your laws - then let it be so. Command it, and we who have failed you will march to the gallows.

But I beg that you have mercy on those who never had a chance to hear the Word. End the starvation and disease that protracted war has left behind. Show those who remain that they are still Your people, and that You are still their God. And also, let the Archives survive. The Dictates are Your greatest gift, after Life itself. Even if we are unworthy of them now, let them remain for another generation.
General Discussion (OOC) / Re: In the end...
« Last post by Clockwork on November 25, 2017, 09:30:19 AM »
Yep. I've just been lazy with my event posting and I've been putting them on our unofficial discord server. Need the link to it Andy? Or should I start posting here again?

O rly.

(After moving into my new place and getting settled I dropped out as I thought nothing was happening! See you all tomorrow then).
General Discussion (OOC) / [Event] One Good Trade for Another
« Last post by Panic on November 15, 2017, 06:38:34 AM »
Tension is on the rise in Stonehaven as word starts to spread that an important shipment has gone missing.

OOC: These next few events, after this one, are going to be plot critical to the final narrative arc on Intrigues of Addercliffe. If you cannot make it, please inform Snowfall or myself through a PM, discord, or steam message before the event happens. I am sure everyone will understand, and we can reschedule. We will also be making a poll in the next day or so to find the best time to run the next couple of events.

Though this event will take place at the current event time. That being Sunday the 19th at 3PM PST (6PM EST,11PM GMT)
General Discussion (OOC) / Re: In the end...
« Last post by Panic on November 05, 2017, 11:35:22 PM »
Sorry about the delay on this. Got busy. Sending it via PM
General Discussion (OOC) / Re: In the end...
« Last post by Andy on October 23, 2017, 04:52:12 PM »
Yep. I've just been lazy with my event posting and I've been putting them on our unofficial discord server. Need the link to it Andy? Or should I start posting here again?

Tell me more, dude.  :)
General Discussion (OOC) / Re: In the end...
« Last post by Panic on October 08, 2017, 10:06:49 PM »
Yep. I've just been lazy with my event posting and I've been putting them on our unofficial discord server. Need the link to it Andy? Or should I start posting here again?
General Discussion (OOC) / Re: In the end...
« Last post by Snowfall on October 06, 2017, 07:29:50 PM »
Events continue nearly every Sunday!

(We're not dead yet, just on life support.  ;) )
General Discussion (OOC) / In the end...
« Last post by Andy on October 06, 2017, 06:38:41 PM »
I knew I'd outlast you all...  ;)

General Discussion (OOC) / [Event] Expected Trouble
« Last post by Panic on June 29, 2017, 01:39:49 PM »
OOC: Due to the nature of the event(s) I will not be posting too much detail. The time has been set for Saturday the 1st at (13:00 PST) (16:00 EST) (20:00 UTC)

-Event list-

The dwarf named Reme has been seen wandering around Addercliffe looking for Logan. Whatever he wants it seems to be urgent.

A grey robed woman has been standing on Exile's Watch overlooking the small camp of sick people from Addercliffe.

A crate of supplies was stolen from the docks last night and the deputies are attempting to track down who did it. The owner of the crate is not amused.
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